Are You Overlooking the Power of Branding Your Online Store?

Overlooking the Power of Branding Your Online Store

There are a few online business tips that can help you sell more by inspiring consumer confidence. When selling online, the appearance that you are credible to a prospect can make the difference between sales and loyal customers or a sizable amount of quality traffic to your site but NO sales.

Branding is an essential aspect of your online store that helps it exude that vital aura of credibility and inspires buying confidence. Small business owners do not have a massive budget to blow on advertising, all the more reason why branding becomes more important for your online store.

Branding your web store is one way to differentiate yourself from competition, and you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

Here’s how you can use simple ways to brand your online store

  1. Have a professional Logo

A professional Logo on your website will resonate well with nearly all your prospects or customers. Your web store certainly makes a better impression on your customers if its branded compared to when it’s not.

A logo does an excellent job of advertising as it can be used on all your marketing collateral becoming a vital component of your brand identity.

Spending a little money to get a good quality logo is a good investment. Some web builders like Shopify have a logo building tool that can help you come up with a smashing and inexpensive logo. Alternatively, you may find online tools such as ‘pixellago’ to be helpful and affordable in creating a logo for your online store.

  1. Email signatures

A branded email signature gives a more professional look to prospects and customers during correspondence. Tools such as ‘wisestamp for business’ can help create a professional customized email signature that includes;

  • Your contact information such as fax, phone, email and so forth
  • A link to all your social media profiles
  • A professional headshot or picture
  1. Leverage on social

Social media in today’s online landscape has become indispensable. Considering that upwards of 74 percent of adults are on social networking sites, it’s one of the most powerful inexpensive advertising mediums.

Given that most social media platforms are accessible for free be sure to do the following to promote your brand:

  • Engage with your customer base via social media
  • Post a feature of your brand occasionally, offers, newsletter and so forth
  • Connect and engage through social media with your peers in the industry


Improving sales on a new or established online business requires stepping up in your branding, creating awareness through social media and appearing professional in your day to day engagement with your customers and prospects. This will eventually result in sales, referrals and more sales for the long haul.

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